About us

Welcome to Taylor Benfield and our luxury scented candle collections. Scent of a beautiful memory from a world of captivating scents.

Here at Taylor Benfield, we love scents that remind us of our travels, it’s the reason we exist. We love to explore this amazing world we live in. Our capsule collection of six deliciously scented candles have been designed to perfectly recapture beautiful holiday memories and bring them into the home.

Our founder, Suzanne Taylor has been passionate about travelling since she was a small child, motivated by meeting new people, and discovering new places and scents. "A specific fragrance can turn me into a time traveller, taking me back to a different time and place". 

We hope to inspire you and your loved ones with our products. Our candles are all hand poured and lovingly created within the UK to deliver to you a beautiful, luxury scented candle. From Australia to Barbados to Cornwall, you can unlock the scents of the world with Taylor Benfield.