Top tips for packing for a weekend break

We’ve all done it for weekends away and holidays, we get to the end of the break and figure we’ve only worn half the clothes and shoes we’ve brought with us.

Here are some top tips for packing light for a weekend away...

Firstly, some questions...

  • Do I need any part of me to be covered at any time? Think places of worship or smart restaurants.
  • Am I going to be doing lots of walking? What shoes will work in terms of looking good and being comfortable?
  • Where will we be eating? Smart or casual?
  • Do I need beachwear or is it a city break?
  • What’s the weather going to be like? Accuweather can be accurate sometimes!!
  • What’s the general dress code for where you’re going? Depending whether you want to blend in or stand out!!

Secondly, coordinate - think through what you’re going to be doing during the day and evening. And what kind of places you’ll be visiting.

So for a 2 night break, where you’ll be going to nice restaurants, but not super swanky. For the evenings, wear the same pair of jeans and throw in a couple of nice tops (or if you’re going swanky - a little dress!) and then either a pair of heels or sparkly sandals will work a treat.

Evening outfits for a weekend away

For accessories, pack coordinating jewellery and handbag that works with both outfits if you can.Accessories for a weekend away, Paul Smith handbag, and Shaun Leane jewellery
And for the gents, the same applies, nice pair of jeans/trousers with a couple of shirts, and appropriate footwear, either shoes, smart trainers or Toms depending on your destination.Toms - the perfect casual footwear for gents and ladies - Top Tips for packing blog from Taylor Benfield
For the day time, a pair of flip flops or Converse are comfy for walking round, depending on how much walking you plan on doing! 

Converse or Havaianas - Top Tips blog from Taylor Benfield

For nice weather, pack a pair of shorts and a skirt, and couple of t-shirts. For slightly cooler weather, consider some linen trousers or light pair of trousers. Always best to throw in a sweater or cover up. And pretty much the same for the gents, although does depend if they’re into skirts or not!

Daywear options - Top tips for packing blog from Taylor Benfield
Make sure you take enough underwear. And swimwear if required! Do you need a sarong for the beach or lounging in the park?

Underwear for a trip away
Toiletries - to reduce the amount of plastic, buy refillable bottles or reuse previous ones, and little pots for any lotions and potions that you can’t live without. A little perfume carrier is brilliant and works with most bottles.

Toiletries ready to be packed - Top tips blog for Taylor Benfield
With regard to make up, what will you realistically need? Decant them into a smaller bag or put with the toiletries. No point carrying twenty different eye shadows if one will do.

I tend to advise a little medical kit too, painkillers, anti-histamine, plasters, bite cream, and anything else you might need. Saves trying to find a chemist if you need anything.Medical kit - Top tips for packing blog from Taylor Benfield

Get out the electrics - kindles, chargers, cameras, iPads.

So once it’s all piled up on the bed, now’s the time to fit it all in. Do you like to roll or to fold? I think rolling works quite well, and clothes seem to end up being slightly less creased. Just sense check as you add it to the bag whether it’s a necessity or not, especially if you’re carrying the bag, don’t be taking any excess weight.

Bag ready to be packed for a weekend away - Top Tips from Taylor Benfield

General advice on bags would be if you’re going hand luggage, avoid a little small wheelie suitcase as they’re the ones which get put in the hold! A little back pack or hold-all tends to get overlooked. And make sure you check with your airline whether hand luggage means two bags or one, and if there is a weight limit.

In terms of order, is there anything you’ll need to get out at any point, so clear bag with toiletries and any electrics should go on top for ease of access when going through security. If you’re not flying you don’t need to worry about any of that.

Packed bag ready to be zipped - top tips on packing blog from Taylor Benfield

And most importantly, don’t forget to pack a Taylor Benfield luxury scented travel candle, the perfect travel companion to add a relaxed ambience to wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing.

Luxury scented travel candles, the perfect travelling companion from Taylor Benfield
Lastly before you walk out the door, decide on a suitable jacket (lightweight, wind proof, wet weather or full on winter coat), grab your passport, wallet and sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

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