Scent… a fine detail that some of us might miss but one which can complete a room. It has the ability to tell a story and complement design choices to create different moods for different rooms. At Taylor Benfield, we believe aesthetics and scent should be blend together to create the ultimate holistic home experience. As the weather starts to cool down, why not invest in the perfect finishing touch to add dimension and depth to your home… a scented candle!

Let’s walk through some of the most common design themes and choose a Taylor Benfield candle to match each setting:


If you’re into minimal and modern lines, then a fuss-free scent is the perfect accompaniment. Notes of greenery and citrus will inject freshness into this style of room. Try our Citrus & Lemongrass scent for a light, airy fragrance that rejuvenates.


For those of us who embrace more floral, traditional aesthetics, then the soft light of candles can help reinforce a feeling of intimacy. Try a gentle, aromatic scent like Floral & Ginger, ideal for its calming, restorative qualities. And relax…


If your home takes its cues from old factories and industrial spaces then your best bet is to go for a woody scent to add a spot of warmth. We like our Spiced Noir candle: a powerful combination of wood and spice that really stimulates the senses.


Warm, soothing and positive. A nautical or coastal style creates a relaxing environment full of warming tones. You need a scent with slots right in to complement your interior. Why not try our Summer Haze scent? Fresh and clean, this fragrance enlivens the spirit.

Let us know which Taylor Benfield scent completes your home!

Taylor Benfield Luxury home scented candles

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