Somewhere undiscovered or an old favourite...

We've been thinking recently, about which is better, to visit a favourite destination or venture somewhere new. Both have their pros and cons. 

When you visit somewhere you've been before, there's obviously a sense of familiarity, even if it's been awhile, as little things like scents or street corners bring memories flooding back and make finding your way easier. 

You can revisit gorgeous restaurants and have delicious food that you know you'll love. You can pop back to your favourite shop to pick up something to remember your trip or have a tasty cocktail in the local bar. 

Flying fish, Barbados

And normally, you can relax into your holiday quicker as that sense of familiarity allows your body and mind to unwind and breathe easy in no time at all. 

We have a few old favourites at Taylor Benfield...New York, Mallorca, South Africa and Cornwall to name more than a few, and I could probably name a couple more. Turns out they all have fab restaurants serving yummy food and the draw of old friends and family. 

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Palma, Mallorca

Cape Town, South Africa, an old favourite

Eden Project, Cornwall

There are some cons to visiting an old favourite though - if you've only got a set number of days, do you feel that you're potentially wasting it when you could be discovering somewhere new.  Or are you one of those people, when you've been somewhere a few days, you're ready for something new, and then feel guilty as you're not living in the moment! 

And talking of somewhere new, well there's always a slightly nervous anticipation as well as excitement when you're off to pastures new.

  • What will the people be like?
  • Will your accommodation be ok? 
  • Will it be in a good location? 
  • Will I get ripped off? 
  • Will I like the food? (this one isn't normally a worry as I like most food!!) 
  • Will it be relaxing? (that depends on the type of hols I guess) 

The excitement generally outweighs the anxiety though as it's always fun to go somewhere undiscovered (well by you anyway), imagine the pictures you can take, the scents you can discover, the memories you'll make and the stories you'll be able to tell - no matter what happens, it's all an experience. And life is about experiences, both good and bad, they make us who we are!

That's where the idea of Taylor Benfield came from, discovering scents on our travels, and then bringing those memories rushing back when we're at home lighting our scented candles. 

Taylor Benfield luxury scented home candles

So which is it, a new pasture or a familiar place? Our advice would be have a mix of old favourites and destinations unknown, that way you get the best of both worlds, a sense of excitement and a sense of familiarity, it's win win! 

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