Scents of Summer

The seasons bring different scents with them, and we've been reminiscing about our travels, and childhoods with scents of summer. What scents remind you of summer? 

Fresh scents like freshly cut grass, just can't be beaten, or the fresh smell after a rain shower, both reminding me of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside where we grew up. 
Freshly cut grass, fresh scents of Summer

The fragrance of elderflower takes me back to primary school days, when we used to collect elderflowers with my mother and sisters, not sure why but we used to get paid by the kilo or bag, and as my mother was super competitive, we always had to collect the most. Elderflower - scents of summer

I think it's changed now, but the scent of creosote would remind me of my grandfather painting his fences and shed, with his shorts on, and wellington boots and a wide grin, a most welcoming sight. 

The smell of a barbecue is such a typical summer fragrance, and takes us back to summers where no matter what the weather, we'd be sitting in our rain coats underneath the umbrella determined to have our lunch outside.

BBQ in the rain, British Summer

Gin & Tonics with fresh lime, and all the fresh fruit in a jug of Pimms are wonderfully refreshing - a tip from my old boss - a dash of gin and brandy, brings out all the flavours in a glass of Pimms.Gin & Tonic's with lime - Scents of Summer blog from Taylor Benfield Scents from summer holidays such as coconut infused sun tan lotion, the salt & vinegar on a delicious portion of chips

Scents of Summer - Fish & Chips - Taylor Benfield blog

...or the salty spray from the sea feel very nostalgic. 

Salty spray from the sea, off the coast of Cornwall

Or the fragrance of a citronella candle to ward away the pesky insects or indeed the smell of insect repellent, one more pleasant than the other.  And talking of pleasant, our luxury scented Summer Haze candles are ideal for this time of year, so clean and crisp, pictured here with some lovely Cornish sand. 

The different scents of the season bring memories flooding back from childhood through to adulthood, and we're looking forward to the memories that will be created this summer season. 

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