Reasons to keep a diary while you're travelling

Do you remember the places you've been in terms of how lovely they were, how fab the food or accommodation was, or how beautiful the location was, but don't always remember the names or exact locations of places?

That's why it's good to keep a diary when you're away.  I've lost count of the times that people have asked me to recommend places to eat or museums to visit, and I can't for the life of me think what they are.  Being a hoarder of emails and being super OTT about filing them does help but nothing beats being able to flick back through a diary and read what you really thought about somewhere. 

I've kept diaries on big trips but am now keeping a diary for all my trips rather than just the ones which are three weeks or more as remembering places visited over a weekend is just as difficult. 

Keeping track of restaurants visited, food tasted, wine that was delicious is great for when you visit again or to give tips to friends and family.  Also if you have favourite shops or picked up a bargain, another reason to take note.  If you have hints and tips on how to save money while you're travelling, they'll always be welcomed, for instance, some cities have a free-entry to museums on set days of the month to encourage visitors. 

Make sure you take a little note book with you, and even if you don't record everything you did on each day, just jot down restaurant names, street names, hotel names, names of people who helped you, good museums or places visited, boat trips taken, and all the other fab stuff you get to do while you're away.  

The other thing to do is of course take lots of photos, even if you don't have a high tech camera, you can take some incredible pics on your smartphone.  And pick up business cards or leaflets as you go, and tuck them away to peruse later. 

We also like to take notes on scents that we discover as we travel the world, as they inspire us to recreate fragrances for our luxury scented candles.  We do love to sit at home and luxuriate in a scent which reminds us of our travels, and that combined with a read through of our diary inspires us to think about where to go next. 

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