Collecting lovely stuff as well as discovering scents

On the majority of our travels across the world, we are inspired by the different scents that we discover, and these scents have then been developed into our luxury scented candles. There are so many scents waiting to be discovered, it's exciting to think about where to go next and what will we find. 

We also like to bring something back for the home, that can be enjoyed again and again, and will remind us of the fantastic places we've been lucky enough to visit. 

We've brought back cushions from Thailand, salad servers from Bali, candle holders from Iceland, a salad bowl from South Africa and so many pictures.  We're almost running out of wall space, so we'll have to come up with something different to bring back from future trips.  

Here's just a selection of the lovely stuff we now have around the home to remind us of our travels...

Pictures from Paris on a trip with an Aussie friend who was visiting

 Oil painting on canvas, Montmartre, Paris    Black and white oil painting on canvas, Montmartre, Paris

Salad servers from Bali - one of many countries visited on a round-the-world trip
Wooden salad servers from Bali A gorgeous wooden giraffe and hippo - bought on separate trips, the giraffe from a trip to see two good friends get married, and the hippo a few years later - to keep the giraffe company.  Wooden giraffe and hippo from South Africa

Wooden tea light holder from Sydney, Australia, this was a present from another good friend who moved to and got married in Sydney, read our Australia blog for ideas of where to go... Wooden tea light holder from Sydney, Australia

An original piece of artwork from a street market in Greenport, Long Island, we managed a few of the Vineyards on that trip. 

Original artwork of vineyards of Long Island, USA

Two separate trips - one to New Zealand to visit a friend on the way back from Australia and another to Iceland, candle holders are always lovely to have around the home.Glass candle holders from New Zealand and candle holder made from Volcanic rock, Iceland

Our friendly Riad host advised us to visit the craft market before we went to the Souks, just couldn't leave this beautiful bowl behind - slightly challenging with only hand luggage on the way home! Our Marrakech blog has other hints and tips from our host...Bowl from Marrakech, Morocco

A wooden chopping board from time spent living in Sydney, the grain of the wood is stunning.  Wooden chopping board from Sydney, Australia

A wall dedicated to pictures from South Africa - wooden figures purchased at a market, and then framed on the return home. Banana leaf pictures float in the frame, purchased on one trip, then framed back in SA on another trip as couldn't find anywhere in the UK to frame them like this. 

Pictures from South African travels

Our most unusual holiday purchase was probably the giraffe as he's quite a tall fellow, we called him Toto as the wedding dance was Toto's Africa. 

What do you like to bring home with you? What's the most unusual holiday purchase you've made?

Whatever it is, it's wonderful to be able to reflect on your travels when you're at home doing everyday stuff. And that's why our luxury scented candles came to be, another way to relive beautiful memories.

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