Caring for your luxury scented candle

Purchasing a luxury scented candle for yourself can be a little treat, but there's things that you can do which mean you get the best out of your new scented candle purchase. 

Keeping the wick trimmed - this is important to ensure that you get a nice clean burn, the flame isn't too high so you risk catching it against something.  And the most important thing is that your scented candle will last longer as it won't burn through the wax as quickly. You can use a small pair of scissors to do this or a wick trimmer, both will work equally as well.  You should only trim the wick when the candle has not been in use and it should be trimmed to 5-6mm. 

Wick trimmer from the Taylor Benfield accessories collection in action trimming a wick

Using a candle lid - a candle lid can be used to rest your luxury scented candle on when it's in use, or when it's not in use, you can pop it on top and ensure that the top of the wax remains dust free to help maintain your scent.  They also do make your candle look even more splendid. 

Taylor Benfield signature candle lid

Snuffing out your candle - it's best not to blow out your candle, as you could blow the melted wax out of it's container (if you're super strong), or if you're a little crazy and try and use your fingers to snuff it out, you'll end up with a rather nasty burn.  The best thing to do is either use your candle lid to snuff out your candle or to use a beautiful candle snuffer - they're perfect for the job and look rather glorious next to your candle display. 

Taylor Benfield candle accessories - candle snuffer in use

Burning your candle for the first time - now this is really rather important, if you want your scented candle to last as long as expected, then you need to ensure that on it's first burn, you burn it for at least two hours to allow the wax to melt across the top and pool evenly to the side of your container.  This way, you'll prevent tunnelling, meaning it will burn for the right amount of time and you won't get wastage. 

Image of 3 Taylor Benfield candles lit for the first time

And lastly, you shouldn't need to burn your candle for hours on end to get your home smelling delightful.  A luxury scented candle doesn't need to burn for more than 4 hours in one sitting, in fact one or two hours will do to get the scent filling the room and making it feel so very welcoming. 

Now, all there is to do, is sit back, light up that lovely luxury scented candle and enjoy.

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