Barbados - a place to kick back & chill

A trip to Barbados is perfect in the heart of winter, you step on the plane out of the cold, and step off the plane into the heat (and the rain sometimes!). 

There's lots to go and see here - Harrison's cave, Andromeda gardens, a tour of Mount Gay rum, Hunte's gardens (where the grapefruit comes from or the forbidden fruit as it was once known), this along with the many citrus trees that grow on the island, were part of the inspiration for our Grapefruit & Orange Blossom candles

You might even be lucky enough to see some of the local wildlife. Local wildlife - monkey on Barbados

But we came to Barbados to chill, and chill we did. There are two sides to Barbados, as you'd expect on an island, and they couldn't be more different from each other. 

The west coast is where you'll find the heavenly Caribbean sea, warm, calm and fantastic for snorkling. The colours are spectacular, just as you'd expect from a Caribbean sea. Warm Caribbean sea in Barbados

 The east coast is dramatic, crashing waves, and rocky coastline, and it's perfect for surfing. East Coast, Barbados

You'll find delicious food and stunning scenery on both sides, you can't beat the local flying fish. And there's always a Banks Beer on offer.

Flying fish, a Bajan Speciality

There's obviously a north and a south side too (be odd if there wasn't), the south of the island is more of the party side and where you'll also find the capital city Bridgetown and the airport.  The north is the point where east meets west with one side the Caribbean sea, and the other the crashing Atlantic. 

A perfect way to enjoy Barbados, apart from the long lazy days and the chilled evenings, is by boat, there are lots of options, you can go on a drink fuelled cruise around the island, or hire a small catamaran if there's a few of you.  We opted for the latter, and had a fabulous day on the water (tip - take lots of sunscreen and a cover up), there was still plenty of rum punch and Banks beers, but in a slightly more civilised environment. Small cats, Barbados

You can expect a day of swimming, sunbathing, snorkling and generally being looked after and spoilt, you'll probably never feel so relaxed. 

And then back to see the most spectacular of sunsets...

Spectacular Barbados sunset

Whatever way you see the island, and whatever you decide to do, you can't help but come away relaxed and energised from a holiday in Barbados. The only concern you'll have is to figure out when you can go back.

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