Australia - a country of spectacular size and spectacular sights

It's best to allow at least a couple of weeks for a trip to Australia but in reality if you can, we'd recommend a couple of months if life allows. 

The country really is vast, and it's good to do a mix of driving and flying to see some of the best sights but also get to see more of the country.  

It takes about two days of driving to get to Uluru (Ayers Rock), and that's only driving through the day, as you don't want to drive at night as it's far too dangerous, you never know what roos you might come across, and they can do a lot of damage.  Unfortunately, we didn't ever see a live one. 

We did the journey with about 5 of us, and we switched seats every two hours, in order to make it slightly more interesting, so you got to drive every 8 hours or so. 

Long road to Ayers Rock, Australia

And when we arrived, we watched the sunset, and then got up a few hours after, and watched the sunrise, and then we left for the long stretch back.  You can fly into Ayers Rock Airport from any number of places so would be a much quicker route.

 Ayers Rock at Sunset  Ayers Rock at Sunrise


So that's pretty much the middle (ish) of the country, haven't quite made it into the Northern Territory properly or to Tasmania but they're on the list. 

South is Adelaide and Melbourne - lots of wine tasting country, the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles and some cosmopolitan cities with diverse neighbourhoods. Well worth a visit.

Melbourne Sunset, St Kilda, Australia   12 Apostles, great Australian coastline along the Great Ocean Road  Grapes at Barossa, South Australia

Then across to Sydney, an impressive city with the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour, North Shore, Manly, Bondi, its a city that spreads far and wide around a beautiful harbour but you can get ferries across to different destinations for some fab photos. 

Sydney Opera House, Australia  B&W Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia   Bondi Beach, Australia

And again, some great neighbourhoods, that have really changed over the years of visiting, from grungy to trendy, gentrification at its best - the only difference with London is that as neighbourhoods in London become trendy, it doesn't mean others become less so, but in Sydney, much to our disappointment, it appeared to be so. 

Continuing up the coast to Brisbane, and Queensland, the most beautiful scenery, beaches that literally go on for hundreds of miles, and early risers making the most of the best of the day.  With a coastline like this, you really have to.  Our Summer Haze collection of candles are inspired by the coast, and the Australian Eucalyptus, giving it that refreshing fragrance. 

Great sandy highway, Great Beach Road, Queensland, Australia   Queensland Jungle, Australia   Walk to Noosa along the coast path, Queensland, Australia

On to the Great Barrier Reef, a boat trip is a delight around here, try to visit when it's not jelly fish season, that way, you won't have to wear a stinger suit every time you hit the water. But to be honest, it's incredibly stunning no matter when you visit.  

 Sailing around the Whitsundays   Great Barrier Reef

And we've been lucky enough to see lots of fantastic species both in and out of the water...

Friendly little fella out on his travels - Queensland, Australia   Large lizard trying to camouflage himself in the forest, Queensland, Australia    Sammy the seal, Warrnambool, South Australia       Fierce looking Koala, Sunshine coast, Queensland     Cute and fuzzy sleeping koala in South Australia

The above is a culmination of various trips (as you can probably tell from the pictures), very fortunate to see a lot of the country over a longer period of time.

To be honest, this blog could have been split across at least 5 or 6, and maybe at some point in the future it will be. 

But for now, a summary, Australia is an extraordinary country, with so many incredible sights, that you really have to take a deep breath, consume as much as you can, and breathe when you get out the other-side. 

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