Aix-en-Provence - a trip with the girls

A trip to the south of France is only complete when you get to smell the scent of lavender.

The south of France is famous for it's perfumes, especially in Grasse, which has been the world's capital of perfume for centuries.  

There are so many gorgeous scents to discover on a visit to Provence, the herbs, the vineyards, the flowers, the olive oil, the list goes on...

Aix-en-Provence in June is delightful, the weather is beautiful, balmy nights and warm sunny days provide the perfect excuse for wandering around the markets, relaxing in a cafe or chilling with a glass of the local wine before dinner.  These are all a must when on a trip with the girls. 

Aix en Provence cafe in the sun

There are plenty of markets to stroll around in Provence - the displays of fruit in the fruit market provide many lovely scents, and the colours are just so vibrant as well.  The flower market is full of different fragrances, the beautiful roses were a favourite.  Our Floral & Ginger candles are inspired by the delicate flowers that flourish across the world, balanced by the scent of ginger.   

Red roses in the Provence market

But what else must you do to be chic in Provence, 'un double café' is well deserved after a morning of shopping, and when wearing a Breton style dress of course. 

Coffee drinking french style in Provence

4 days in Provence provides a relaxing break for a trip with the girls, shopping, eating, drinking and generally just soaking up all the city has to offer including all the fabulous fragrances.  What more could you ask for! 

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