A trip to Hertfordshire to see a sea of purple

Now you can postpone the visit to Provence and pop to Hertfordshire to see fields with rows of purple.  Just outside Hitchin, is this gorgeous Lavender Farm. It’s on a working farm, and the set up is brilliant.

Fields of Lavender, Hitchin Lavender, Taylor Benfield Blog

There’s a purple tractor for the kids, a teepee, and an area where school kids can learn all about Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender to you and me).

The purple tractor at Hitchin Lavender, in the Taylor Benfield blog.
Tee pee
There’s a cute little cabin where you can have a rest after picking your bag of Lavender, and there’s even a little tea room for a treat after your exertions. You can buy plants to take home and create your own little rows of lavender too. 

For £6 for adults, and £3 for kids (5-14), you get given a pretty paper bag and a pair of scissors (which you can’t take home with you), and off you go to find your place in the field. They advise you to take from the side, not the top, which most people were doing, and also to watch out for bees.

Fields of Lavender, Hitchin Lavender, Taylor Benfield blog
This was sound advice for someone who is allergic to a bee or wasp sting. There’s just enough room to walk between the rows, and hope you don’t meet too many people on your way up or down as it’s a bit of a squeeze. The sound of the buzzing bees was therapeutic, in a sea of purple, with butterflies fluttering around you. It was easy enough to count the butterflies as Sir David Attenborough has invited us to do this month, as there were quite a variety.

Butterfly at Hitchin Lavender, in the Taylor Benfield blog
You could hear discussions between visitors about where to cut, and others advising them to think about what they were using it for, so for some it’s a pretty serious business!

The scent of the lavender as you cut it is captivating, it’s such a restorative scent, and the methodical picking and cutting makes for a pretty laid-back couple of hours.

Close up shot of Lavender, taken at Hitchin Lavender, courtesy of Taylor Benfield luxury scented candle blog
There were people of all nationalities there, so the word is obviously spreading about this sleepy little village farm. And they even run an outdoor cinema here too with Sundown Cinema, it must be a fabulous place to lie back and watch a movie.

People in a sea of Lavender at Hitchin Lavender, in Taylor Benfield's Blog
Our current candle collections don’t contain lavender, but it’s definitely one to consider for the future. It’s about getting the balance right as too much isn’t necessarily a good thing. Our luxury scented Floral & Ginger candle is calming, with the scent of Lily and Orchid, balanced with warm ginger, inspired by flowers from across the world.

Taylor Benfield's luxury scented Floral & Ginger candle collection
So if you fancy a relaxing afternoon and don’t feel up to a trip across the world to find a sea of purple, I’d take a drive over to Hertfordshire and see Hitchin Lavender for yourself. Bag of Lavender from Hitchin Lavender


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