A Mallorcan delight - it's well worth a visit

If you've never been to Mallorca and not sure whether it's somewhere you should have on your list, I would say put it on there. 

It's quite interesting flying out to Mallorca as you have such a mix in terms of fellow travellers - you'll have people heading to Magaluf to get ridiculously drunk, you'll have families heading for some sunshine, and then couples looking for a beach retreat. 

Make sure you head North from Palma (Palma is a beautiful city so spend a night or two here if you can) and away from Magaluf (unless you fancy some of the craziness of lots of drunk people).

Palma, Mallorca, beautiful buildings and architecture in the sunshine

The island of Mallorca is full of incredible beaches, low key tapas restaurants serving delicious food, an abundance of citrus groves and lots of different fiestas to enjoy (the Christians & Moors play fighting for Ntra Sra dels Angels was really interesting and another one with dancing horses was incredible). 

Christian and Moors fiesta in a square in the North of Mallorca

We're lucky enough to have friends on the island, so visit often, and stay in their lovely finca out in the middle of nowhere, their little village has a couple of bars serving strong G&Ts, and gastro tapas too. 

Fina, Mallorca with beautiful flowers

There is also an incredible choice of hotels on Mallorca ranging from super cheap to super expensive (upwards of £1500 a night), one trip, we chose a gorgeous little hotel in Soller in the town, not the port.  We can't say enough good things about this hotel and the location was just perfect.  A two minute walk to the main square and to some fantastic restaurants.  You can't beat watching the world (and the tram) go by with some local wine for 5 euros (and yes that's for two glasses!).  

Soller tram ambling by whilst having a glass of wine

Our Grapefruit & Orange Blossom candles are inspired partly by Mallorca, due to the presence of some many citrus groves across the island, starting in my friend's finca - she has a number of different orange trees, lemon and limes, and the setting is charming. 

There is a delightful citrus grove near Soller, which is well worth a visit - Ecovinyassa, with an entrance fee of 10 euros (which you pay at the end), you get to experience a working citrus grove, they have a huge selection of different orange trees, which bear fruit at different times of the year, and avocado, grapefruit, lemon and lime trees.  And the best bit, you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice with some of their homemade tapenade and fresh bread - just heavenly. 


So when you're thinking of where to go this year or next, definitely put Mallorca on the list, and go and enjoy all the fabulous fragrances of the citrus groves, the beautiful beaches and the delicious tapas.  

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