A Cornish Conundrum

So when is the best time to visit the Cornish coast? Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn - and what scents will you discover throughout the seasons? 

As we all know in the UK, the sun decides to visit as and when it feels like.  There's no more guarantee of sunny weather in July than there is in March.  But no matter what the weather, you can be guaranteed of stunning scenery in Cornwall, whether that's under a stormy sky or a clear blue one.  And when it rains, the Eden Project in Cornwall is well worth a visit. 

I can never decide which is my favourite season until I'm in it, and then whatever season we're in, that's the one. 

Cornwall in winter can bring brooding skies over the coastline, with dramatic colours and means being wrapped up in scarves and coats to ward off blustery winds.  The scents of the winter season are super fresh and clean with the possibility of the scent of mulled wine when you wander past a cafe.  

Brooding skies across the coastline in Cornwall  

And when the spring comes, before 'the season' starts, the beaches are perfect for long dog walks. The scents remain fresh but there are other scents added to the mix, such as some of the first spring flowers. 

Empty beaches in March, perfect for dog walks before the season starts in Cornwall

Summer in Cornwall can be wonderful, the sun shines, the sea warms up a couple of degrees, people flock to the beach, and who can blame them! As well as the scents of the coastline, there can be a mix of burnt sausages and suntan lotion in the air, the true fragrances of a British summer holiday.  Although, they're not the chosen fragrances for our Summer Haze candle, which are clean and fresh. 

Busy beaches in August

When autumn arrives, the beaches empty again, and if the sun makes an appearance, it's the most fabulous place to be, the sun on your face, a slight chill in the air, and the colours of the sea are magnificent. 

Empty beaches in October when the sun shines = a fabulous place to be

I'm still no closer to answering my Cornish conundrum, when is the best time to visit the Cornish coast? Maybe the answer is to just go every season. 

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